We love weddings. We really do; the joy is completely infectious. As a leading wedding florist in London, Larry has spent years planning weddings; from flowers to full design; interpreting every dream and creating emotive atmospheres in every conceivable location. Whether you are planning a wedding in the heart of Central London, a country marquee, a stately home or even a Palace, Larry & his team of expert florists seek to beautifully design and creatively interpret your individual sense of style to result in an utterly memorable event.

When it comes to your wedding day, we understand that every detail counts, so work closely to provide inspiration and guidance to ensure beauty is realised on one of the most special days of your life.

With an incredibly talented team of creative florists, designers & production crew each bringing their unique talents and a global wealth of experience, we ensure that all our wedding flowers are beyond spectacular. We have strong relationships with leading growers internationally, ensuring constant quality throughout the year and seamless logistics for larger productions.

Even to this day, we believe each opportunity to create breathtaking luxury wedding flowers is a privilege; so whether you are planning an intimate wedding with close family or a lavish reception for 500 guests, Larry Walshe Floral Design will work tirelessly to ensure your flowers are styled to perfection. Enquire Now

Leading Wedding Designs
Our team of designs, illustrators, production managers and CAD technicians love to be challenged. They love nothing more than the opportunity to represent another brand and express your latest brand message through the inspired and imaginative use of fresh flowers and British craftsmanship. For us, no project is too large and complex. We are adept at working in the most challenging of environments, from airports and railway train stations to a moving TFL red London bus!
Leading Wedding Designs
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